Nasheed’s work is making things easier for President Solih: MP Hassan

Former Chairperson of MDP, Hassan Latheef (L), President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (C), Speaker of Parliament, Former President Mohamed Nasheed (R) seen during an MDP campaign event | Photo: MP Hassan Latheef

Male’, Maldives – Chairperson of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and member of Henveiru west constituency, Hassan Latheef has said that the work which Former President and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed was doing is to make things easier for President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking on a PSM TV program, MP Hassan Latheef said that the work MDP does at the parliament is to facilitate this governments administration and to hold the government accountable. He told that it is MDP parliament members duty to ensure that the ministers in different ministries are abiding the law and how much they are working to deliver the presidential pledges to the people.

MP Hassan also pointed out that President Solih had spent 25 years in the Parliament of Maldives as an MP before he was elected as president and that he would know very well how the parliament works and that he would give full autonomy to the parliament to function.

He wend on to add that because of how Speaker Nasheed is taking the lead and doing things in the parliament that President Solih’s work is more easier and he can run his administration smoothly.

MP Hassan Latheef’s comments on the two presidents come as there have been rumors of a power struggle between the two in the recent times. The most recent incident was the attempt of no-confidence vote of Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail which was lead by Speaker Nasheed. President Solih had taken Minister Fayyaz’s side and publicly told that he had full trust in the minister.

Although there have been indirect verbal exchanges between the two presidents, both have said that they had no issues in their relationship and that both were working towards a proper governing system of the country.

President Solih had also said that he appreciated the works being done by the parliament and that he would not get involved with the parliamentary groups work. He also said that this government would be the most transparent administration so far and would be answerable to the parliament with everything.