MDP MP’s don’t understand the law: Maleeh

Former Minister for Communication, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamal doing gardening on his terrace | Photo: Minister Maleeh

Male’, Maldives – Minister of Science, Communication and Technology, Mohamed Maleeh Jamal has said that MDP parliament members were interpreting the law wrongly.

Minister Maleeh said this in a tweet he posted replying to Galolhu south constituency MP, Mikaaeel Ahmed Naseem who had submitted a motion to remove Minister Maleeh to the MDP parliamentary group last night.

The motion submitted to MDP’s PG stated that during Minister Maleeh’s two years in office, he has not made any policies which are mandatory according to a Telecommunications Act, through the Communications Authority of Maldives (CAM).

In the tweet Minister Maleeh said that MDP members were interpreting the law wrongly and to clarify how CAM functions. He also attached two pictures with the tweet with an introduction to CAM and it’s organizational structure.

Minister Maleeh also said that they should amend their motion and state that they were filing a motion of no-confidence over what he had said on a VTV program using his constitutional right given under Article 27 (Freedom of Expression).

Speaking on VTV this week, Minister Maleeh had said that the parliament cannot tell the government how to do its job. He also said that the current parliament is trying to gain control over other institutions much like the Supreme Court back in Former President Abdulla Yameen’s presidency.

Minister Maleeh’s remarks had attracted harsh criticism by MDP parliament members and the general public. One MP had said that in the past two years, Minister Maleeh’s only notable achievement was to grow a variety of chilies on his home terrace and that he had not done any substantial work as a minister.