Motion to remove Maleeh sent to MDP PG

Minister Maleeh launching Dhiraagu gigabit internet | Photo: Shuaib Mohamed Iqbal

Male’, Maldives – A motion to remove Minister for Communication, Science and Technology Mohamed Maleeh Jamal has been sent to Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) Parliamentary group (PG) with 10 signatures.

The issue submitted to MDP’s PG states that, during Minister Maleeh’s two years in office, he has not made any policies which are mandatory according to a Telecommunications Act, through the communications authority.

The Telecommunications Act mandates the formulation of policies which are essential to regulate the Maldivian telecom infrastructure. The motion also stated that each passing day these policies fail to be made is a great loss to the people and the government.

The motion also noted that efforts made by individuals in the political positions of the ministry and other employees to create these polices did not gain Maleeh’s support and that there is evidence that he hindered these efforts.

The motion ended stating that MDP does not support Maleeh continuing as the Communication Minister and that countless members of the public have requested Maleeh to be deposed.

This motion comes after Minister Maleeh stated that the Parliament cannot tell the Government how to do its job. He also said that the parliament is trying to gain control over other institutions much like the Supreme Court back in Former President Abdulla Yameen’s presidency.

These remarks were met with harsh criticism and some personal attacks from multiple Parliamentary Members, with one saying that in the past two years, Maleeh’s only notable achievement was to grow a variety of chilies on his home balcony.

Minister Maleeh has previously said on a number of different occasions that he is working to lower and regulate internet prices in the Maldives, and while internet prices have gone down recently, it is not known if this was a result of Minister Maleeh’s efforts.