Hassan Latheef questions necessity of Communication Ministry

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson Hassan Latheef | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Speaking last night at a program on “Dhivehi Rajjeyge Adu”, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Chairperson Hassan Latheef has said that considering the government’s expenses, he questions the necessity of the Communication Ministry.

Speaking regarding the Ministry of Communication, Science and Technology , Latheef said that this specific Ministry appears to have not done any work it was assigned, and that he questions whether it should exist as a separate Ministry.

Latheef also highlighted that a motion to remove the Minister of Communication, Science and Technology, Mohamed Maleeh Jamal was sent to MDP’s Parliamentary group (PG) with 10 signatures with the reason being that Maleeh has failed in carrying out responsibilities he is legally mandated with.

The actual reason, for this sudden motion of no confidence is thought to be due to earlier remarks by Maleeh on VTV, where he said that the Parliament cannot tell the government how to do its job. He also said that the current Parliament is trying to gain control over other institutions much like the Supreme Court back in Former President Abdulla Yameen’s presidency.

After these remarks, Minister Maleeh said that MDP members were interpreting the law incorrectly and later went on to tweet that he’s going to take Galolhu South Member of Parliament Mikael Naseem to the Supreme Court for attempting to penalize the Minister for using his constitutional right of Freedom of Expression

Minister Maleeh’s remarks had attracted harsh criticism by MDP parliament members and the general public. One MP had said that in the past two years, Minister Maleeh’s only notable achievement was to grow a variety of chilies on his home terrace and that he had not done any substantial work as a minister.

Minister Maleeh also said that they should amend their motion and state that they were filing a motion of no-confidence over what he had said on a VTV. Maleeh also said that this was defying the constitutional rights and destroying the basis of democracy, which he finds as seriously alarming.

However, no confidence aside, Hassan Latheef clarified that his questioning the necessity of the Ministry does not have anything to do with Maleeh being Minister, but the work and expenses of the state.