Supporting this government is embarrassing: MP Shaheem

Member of Parliament for Kanditheemu Constituency Abdhulla Shaheem Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives-  Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP for Kanditheemu Constituency, Abdhulla Shaheem has said at a parliamentary session today that robberies and theft have increased to a point where it isn’t clear where to go to solve the issue and that he was embarrassed to continue supporting the government because of it.

Due to a huge increase in robberies and theft, and due to recent kidnappings, Member of Parliament for Feydhoo Constituency Mohamed Nihad submitted an emergency motion to take swift action to stop further crime.

MP Shaheem voiced his concerns during the debate on the emergency motion with multiple other MDP MP’s stating that their constituencies have also seen an increase in robberies while nothing has been done to stop them.

MP Shaheem added that he tried multiple times to contact Home Minister Imran Abdhulla on the matter but was unable to reach him. MP Shaheem was in support of the no confidence motion against Minister Imran which was taken earlier today. MP Shaheem’s stance was contrary to what MDP.s parliamentary group decided on the matter.

However, during the vote on the motion, MP Shaheem did not vote to depose the Minister, as the eleven votes in favor of dismissal were the eleven members who had signed the motion of no confidence in the first place. This included members of People’s National Congress (PNC) and two independent parliamentarians.

“This is the truth everyone can see this happening and it does not only occur in Feydhoo” MP Nihad said.

Detailing robberies in Feydhoo, MP Nihad said that everything from outdoor units of air conditioners to kitchen pans were being stolen, and that women are robbed for their jewelry at knife point in their own homes.

He claims that repeated reports to the police are to no avail. MP Nihad added that with the current justice system , it is very possible to solve such issues.