Drug detoxification center to be established in Hulhudhoo

From the agreement signing ceremony held at Ministry of National Planning, to establish a drug detoxification center at Hulhudhoo | Photo: Open Source

Addu City, Maldives – The project to establish a drug detoxification center in Hulhudhoo of Addu City, located at the southern most tip of Maldives has been handed over to the contractors today.

In a ceremony held at the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure, the project was awarded to Rainbow Constructions, and was signed by the Director General, Shaana Mohamed on behalf of the Ministry, while Director Maazin Ibrahim Rafeeq signed on behalf of Rainbow Constructions.

The MoU for this project was signed during the recent trip of the Indian Foreign Secretary, to the Maldives, on 9th November of this year. Since then, the project has been awarded to a contractor within two weeks.

In the detox center is being established to provide detoxification, community rehabilitation as well as residential rehabilitation services.

Drugs addiction is one of the biggest issues Maldives currently faces. While there are currently four detox centers established, the demand for the services exceeds the current availability, due to which additional centers need to be established.

The Indian Embassy to the Maldives stated that India is proud to be a part of the efforts of Maldives in combatting drug addiction which brings solace to the individuals and families of those individuals who are on the road to recovery.