Addu City Drug Rehabilitation Centre relocated to old Hithadhoo Regional Hospital building

Hithadhoo Regional Hospital building | Photo: AO

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City’s Hithadhoo Drug Rehabilitation and Detoxification Centre, previously operated in the Hithadhoo Family and Children Center has been transferred into the old Hithadhoo Regional Hospital building.

This move will expand Drug Rehab Centre operations by accommodating 36 patients simultaneously while increasing counselling rooms by five.

Superintendent of the Addu Detoxification and Community Rehabilitation Center Sharafusaadhaath stated in February 2022 that there were 90 people on the waitlist for detoxification and rehabilitation from the southern region of Huvadhoo to Addu City.

The Drug Detoxification and Community Rehabilitation Center in Addu City successfully executed Methodone Drug Therapy program for the first time outside of the capital city Malé in February 2022. The relocation will assist in further accommodating new patients.

Superintendent Sharafusaadhaath added that the goal of the centre is to rehabilitate and reintroduce patients of drug addiction into society.

Addu City has around 1,540 drug users between the ages of 12 to 65.

Hithadhoo Regional Hospital building was vacated with the inauguration of tertiary level Addu Equatorial Hospital in January 2020. Most recently, HRH building was used as the temporary Addu Covid-19 management facility.