Will resolve problems faced by fishermen: President Solih

President Solih meets with a group of fishermen onboard their vessel in Felivaru Island | Photo: President's Office

Lhaviyani AtollMaldives – President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assured fishermen during his visit to Felivaru island that the government is working to resolving the problems that are currently being faced by fishermen.

On 26th November, President Solih visited Lhaviyani atoll to inaugurate the Maldives National Defense Force’s (MNDF) 66th Basic Training Course along with touring the MNDF’s Composite Training Centre and other facilities.

President Solih also visited  Felivaru island where he briefly met with a group of fishermen onboard their vessel which was docked at the Felivaru harbor. The fishermen onboard shared the problems they have been facing regarding the availability of ice and fish weighing with the President.

Upon hearing their concerns, President Solih assured the fishermen that the incumbent government of Maldives is working hard on resolving the issues that are faced by the fishermen as fast as they can.

During his visit to Felivaru Island, he visited the Fishermen’s Marina Hall where he observed the layout and drawings for the proposed 4000 MT cold storage facility. He also checked on the current cold storage facility at the Felivaru Fisheries Complex along with the new site that is reclaimed to build the new cold storage facility.

The new facility will have new developments and better features compared to the existing ones, such as, being able to produce enough ice to cater to the demands of modern fish processing facilities. It will also be able to better to cater to the growing needs of the market.

This is the second trip made by the President out of Male’ atoll since the Covid-19 pandemic affected the country. The President’s first such trip was to Haa Alif. Hoarafushi, located up north, to officiate the opening ceremony of the island’s newly established airport.