Man arrested for trafficking drugs into Maldives

Man arrested for trafficking drugs into the Maldives | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Male’, Maldives – A Brazilian man who smuggled drugs into the Maldives after swallowing capsules of the contraband has been arrested in the country on 28th November, after Custom officers found him suspicious, leading to an X-Ray which showed foreign bodies.

The 21 year old man known to be Renato Alfredo was taken into the custody of Maldives Police Service, and transported to a medical facility, where upon examination, doctors confirmed foreign bodies present in his abdomen.

It has been reported that he has since passed 66 bullets containing substances which are believed to be drugs, while being admitted at the faclity.

Following this, a Judge has ordered for him to be held in remand until the end of trial.

Drug busts have recently reached an all time high in the Maldives with several raids seizing drugs weighing hundreds of kilos, in regions like Male’, Addu, and on sea as well.