Adeeb moves to Hulhumale’

Former Vice President of Maldives, Ahmed Adeeb (Bro) (R) seen at a government function with his former boss Former President, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (L) | Photo: Presidents Office

Male’, Maldives – Mastermind of the largest corruption scandal which has happened in the Maldives, Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb has moved to an apartment in Amin Avenue located in Hulhumale’.

Former VP Adeeb who has been sentenced for 20 years in jail for the MMPRC corruption case which accounts to MVR 3.3 Billion had been moved to his apartment in Male’ because of a machine which he needs to sleep according to Home Minister Imran.

Adeeb has made a plea bargain agreement with the government to get a lowered sentence, after which he had been moved to his home. According to local media outlet “Mihaaru”, he had moved from Male’ to Hulhumale’ after he had to let go of his Male’ apartment.

While many have been criticizing the government for allowing Former VP Adeeb and the former Managing Director of MMPRC, Abdulla Ziyath to stay at home while the Former President, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom is in jail serving five years over the same matter.

While the public had lost MVR 3.3 Billion after top men of the previous administration had given out islands and lagoons to various parties, people have been criticizing the government for not doing sufficient works to get back the money which had been stolen.

The former VP Adeeb alone had 150 cases brought up against him over the lease of 50 islands through MMPRC. The government had not revealed the specifics of the plea bargain agreement made between the state and Adeeb which has lead the public to criticize the current government.