Drones used to smuggle contraband into Maafushi Jail

Items attempted to be smuggled into local jails in 2020 | Photo: Maldives Correctional Service

K.Maafushi, Maldives – Authorities have confiscate items while they were being smuggled into Maafushi jail using a drone.

Commisioner of Prisons Ahmed Mohamed tweeted saying that there had been an attempt to smuggle contrabands into the jail last night using a drone. He also revealed a picture of the items which were smuggled into the jail. They included eight mobile phones, six chargers, wifi routers, USB cables, and two sim cards. Two smartphones and six Nokia phones were also among the items to be smuggled. 

Phones are usually smuggled into the jail by concealing them in different items. However, with the advances in technology, new ways are being used to do such things. Commissioner of Prisons previously said that the resources used by the Correctional Service to stop the smuggling of such items have also been upgraded.

He also said that countless other methods are also used by people to smuggle items into the jail in order to aid the inmates. These includes using the deliveries as well as bringing items during visits. He also said that throwing things over the fence of the jail is also a common tactic used by the well wishers of the prisoners.