ADK canteen closed by HPA

ADK Hospital in Male' city. | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has closed down the canteen of the first and the largest private tertiary care hospital in Maldives, the ADK Hospital in capital Male’ city.

On December 23, HPA has closed down the Food Corner Canteen of ADK hospital for violating the rules of “guidelines to decide the cleanliness needed in serving foods and beverages” (No. 2014/R-380) given by HPA.

HPA informed that these guidelines are given to protect the citizens from possible health hazards they may receive from the people who serve food and beverages to the general public. However, as Food Corner Canteen had violated some of these rules given by HPA, they have closed down the shop immediately to avoid risking any possible infections.

This is why, from December 23rd onwards, the canteen in ADK is prohibited to serve food and beverages to any citizen in the country.

HPA further informed all citizens to report any such violative activities, such as serving food and beverages when prohibited and not adhering to guidelines given by HPA to serve food to the public. If any citizen wishes to report, they may contact HPA via their number, +960 301 4491 or via their mail,