February 4th declared public holiday

The People's Majlis 2020. | Photo: Parliament.

Male’, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has declared the reopening day of the Parliament of Maldives, which falls of the fourth of February as a public holiday.

As per Article 84 of the Maldivian constitution, President Solih will be giving a national address during the Parliamentary session held that day, which will be the first Parliamentary meeting of the year, since the Parliament went on recess on December 7th.

As per regulations, the Parliament will be carried out in three terms during each year, of which the first term will go on from February until April of 2021. The second term will begin in June and last until August, while the third term will stretch out from October until November.

Although this is the set norm for each year, due to the extensive work carried out by the Parliament in 2020, the third term of the Parliament was extended until the completion of all work.

As per the current regulations, each Member of the Parliament gets a paid leave of three months per year, resulting in a paid leave of 15 months during their five year term.