February 3rd declared a holiday

The President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has declared the 3rd of February 2020 as a holiday on the occasion of the Parliament of Maldives reconvening after recess.

This was announced via a tweet sent out by the spokes person of the President’s Office, Ibrahim Hoodh earlier today. The tweet also mentioned that the President would deliver his Presidential Address at the formal opening of the Parliament that day.

According to the regulations of the Parliament, the parliament shall have three terms per year. The first term commences on the 1st of February and ends on the last day of April. The second term convenes on the first of June and ends on the last day of August and the final term starts on October and concludes at the end of November. However, due to pending work requiring immediate attention, the third term of last year was extended twice, and lasted until the 7th of December.

Each year, all Parliament Members receive a total of three months in holidays.