“Free to choose a profession of my choice”: Fairoosh

Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Abdhullah Fairoosh | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Recently retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Abdhullah Fairoosh has said on twitter that he is free to choose a profession of his choice, and that no official can take that away from him.

Fairoosh has tweeted this out after his retirement was submitted as an issue to the Maldivian Parliament’s Standing Committee on National Security Services — more commonly known as its 241 Committee by Former President and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

Nasheed’s reasoning behind this is that Fairoosh cannot retire before a recently passed Police Service bill is implemented. This bill states that the dismissal of police officers above the rank of a superintendent with the exception of Commissioner of Police who are alleged to have committed or taken part in unethical and illegal activities is to be decided by the Police Board, and has detailed and separate charges for mutiny- which Fairoosh is alleged by many to have committed.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Abdhullah Fairoosh, who resigned in January after 20 years of service has been detested by MDP supporters, as he was the acting leader of the Maldives Police Service at one point on 7th February 2012, when Nasheed was forced to resigned.

Fairoosh was suspended in 2017 for posting a tweet which allegedly defamed then-President Yameen and his government while abroad pursuing higher education, and was reinstated into active duty in 2019 by the incumbent administration and was promoted to his former position as Assistant Commissioner of Police shorty after- a decision criticized by many MDP supporters.