Silencing opposition leaders is an autocratic trait: Former Chief Justice

Former Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Didi | Photo: Maldives News Network

Male’ Maldives – Former Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Didi has stated that silencing opposition leaders is trait of an autocratic leadership.

Didi tweeted earlier today that governing while silencing political leaders belonging to the opposition is a unique characteristic of a dictatorship, adding that the true leaders of a democracy are the people.

” This autocratic government will be changed by citizens with the grace of god” said Didi.

Didi has said this after a opposition party People’s National Congress (PNC) President Abdhuraheem Abdullah (Adhurey) was ordered to attend a hearing on the 31st of this month at the criminal court after state representatives alleged he used foul language.

While he is being pressed with profanity charges, he allegedly has said expletive outside a Police station back in August 2020, after he was summoned for questioning regarding an investigation.