Dhevvadhoo cluster: 22 positive Covid-19 cases

Frontline workers out in public collecting samples | Photo: One Online

GA. Atoll, Maldives— 22 people have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus so far from the cluster case in GA. Dhevvadhoo.

The Head of Contact Tracing Cluster of Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), Ibrahim Nizam informed that along with Dhevvadhoo, they have also found positive cases of this cluster in Hulhumale’ and in L. Fonadhoo as well.

While they have found 2 confirmed cases related to this cluster from Hulhumale’, 04 were found from L. Fonadhoo. HEOC informed the contact tracing for these positive cases are ongoing in the islands.

Nizam further informed that in Dhevvadhoo they have traced 149 contacts of the people who confirmed for Covid-19 in the island. Out of these 149 people, HEOC has found 56 people who were contacts of the 04 positive cases found in L. Fonadhoo.

According to Nizam, there are currently 18 positive cases in Dhevvadhoo, of which 08 cases were found through random sampling in the island. While the agency is currently doing several tests to find out any cases related to this cluster, Nizam informed that 14 of the samples from Dhevvadhoo turned out negative.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) recently requested everyone that travelled from GA. Dhehvadhoo after the 30th of November 2020 to quarantine at once and to submit samples for Covid-19 tests as soon as possible.

Health officials say they cannot stress enough that these individuals should not go outside for school, work or other purposes till their test results are confirmed negative .

This announcement comes after Dhevvadhoo went into monitoring status yesterday, after a suspected community spread at the island- which according Dhevvadhoo councilor Maumoon Ibrahim, did not occur due to any quarantine violation.

Councilor Maumoon told news outlet Sun the first cases were identified on December 24, when two people under home quarantine tested positive, including a four-month child.

Dhevvadhoo Council has advised all residents to take precautionary measures and stay home, and to adhere to the instructions of the health authorities.