Covid-19 cases expected to increase this month

Dr. Sheena | Photo: HEOC

Malé, Maldives — Consultant epidemiologist at HPA, Dr. Sheena Moosa informed that the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases are expected to slightly increase this month.

Dr. Sheena informed local media ‘Mihaaru’ that although the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases were considerably low during the last months of 2020, the agency foresees that the number of positive cases will rise this month.

Dr. Sheena noted that this is due to the easement in the lockdown measures. She said that as multiple protective measures and curfew has been loosened by HPA, several people have held and attended massive events during the start of 2021, resulting in a slight increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country.

While HPA loosened several restrictions such as allowing massive events, not mandating people to quarantine after returning to Maldives if they present a negative PCR test and even allowing Maldivians to travel to the resorts in the country, Dr. Sheena stated that the amount of restrictions loosened by HPA are right compared to the reduced number of confirmed cases back then.

However, Dr. Sheena noted that the citizens were not cautious enough with simple measures such as social distancing and wearing masks.

We have estimated that the number of positive Covid-19 cases will slightly increase in January, especially in Malé area.

Dr. Sheena informed.

Sheena also mentioned that along with the locals, several tourists have also visited Maldives during the Christmas and New Years eve, this is why she said that the agency anticipates some of the restrictions to be violated during those times as well.

Dr. Sheena noted that the number of positive Covid-19 cases confirmed in the resorts have increased slightly and that more positive cases are expected to be seen in the upcoming weeks as well. According to Dr. Sheena, for how much the cases will increase in January can only be determined after the third week of the month.