Youths need job opportunities, not clubs to party at: Shaheem

The former Islamic Minister of Maldives, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeedh. | Photo: Islamic University of Maldives

Malé, Maldives – Former Islamic Minister of Maldives Dr.Mohamed Shaheem has said that the youth of Maldives requires job opportunities and not clubs For them to party at.

Former Minister Dr.Shaheem made the statement following the debate on the decree allowing youth to listen to music, enjoy and relax. Shaheem said that rather than a club, the youth requires appropriate job opportunities, a shelter and the financial capacity to build a family and that the political leaders must focus on creating a bright future for these youngsters.

There are so many youngsters on the roads who have done masters and achieved degrees but still do not have a job nor the financial capacity to support their parents and family. We need to hold hands of the youth and putt an end to youths begging for jobs.

Dr.Mohamed Shaheem

Shaheem added that he wishes to build the personality of the youth without letting them fall into the trap of clubs and nightclubs and noted that this is a responsibility of political leaders to ensure this.

The bill introduced by MP of Henveyru West Constituency Hassan Latheef mentioned that a centre needs to be built in Malé to let youngsters relax and be stress free amid the congested development of capital city Malé. The bill stressed the necessity of a place for people to enjoy with their families and friends and have a good time.