Addu City Council prohibits “making” beaches without approval

Maradhoo beach Photo: Social Media

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council, on Thursday has announced that it is prohibited to “make beaches” or decorate any coastal area of the city with out the approval of the council.

In an official notice issued during the evening hours of Thursday, the council said that keeping the districts and the coastal areas of the districts clean is something that the council supports and encourages a lot. However, the notice went on to say that it has come to the attention of the council that many beaches are being decorated with out the approval of the council.

Adding on, the council cited that such activity may cause environmental issues and that it is also illegal as per the laws enacted in the country, warning people to discontinue any such activity with immediate effect.

The issue, which arose due to the citizens of Feydhoo deciding to “make” a beach out of the coastal area facing the uninhabited islands, Savaahili and Hajara, is that the council has allocated the area to be developed as a tourism zone. According to the council notice, the area is in the final stages of development – although any physical work regarding the project is yet to start.

Referring to this issue, the council notice said, “the reclaimed area of Feydhoo is an area linked to the future of the city, which has been declared as a tourism zone, with many work relating to this already underway and in the final stages. As any work such as making beaches in the area would negatively impact the project, it is requested that everyone refrains from any such activity in the area.”

The council also went on to warn, that anyone in violation of the notice would have action taken against them, under  section 140 of Act 2010/7 (Decentralization Act).