Covid-19: Fuvahmulah starts random sampling

Covid-19 frontline worker taking a random sample in Malé City | Photo: Avas

Fuvahmulah City, Maldives — Fuvahmulah City has announced that they they will begin random sampling today.

The Fuvahmulah Emergency Operation Center (FEOC) stated that the during the meeting held last night, the Director of Health Protection Agency (HPA), Ahmed Nasir urged the authorities to conduct random sampling in the city. This is why, FEOC informed that starting from today onwards, they have decided to conduct random sampling in the city to be aware of how much the Covid-19 virus has spread in Fuvahmulah City.

FEOC announced that while they have decided to collect 50 samples from the city today, the center has decided to collect atleast 30 random samples everyday from today onwards for upto two weeks. As random sampling will not be conducted under a certain regulation, FEOC advised the residents of Fuvahmulah to not hesitate on getting their samples taken.

There are currently 3 clusters of Covid-19 in the Fuvahmulah City of which a total of 50 people have tested positive for the disease from the one island atoll. Ahmed Nasir said that along with the 50 positive cases, they have also identified 959 contacts of the three clusters and that the contact tracing is still ongoing.

Since the first Covid-19 positive case outside quarantine, the single island city has been placed under monitoring, with strict movement restrictions until all contacts are identified, quarantined and tested.