Witnesses could not testify against suspects in Nadheem’s Murder

Nadheem Abdhuhrahmaan | Photo: Facebook

Malé, Maldives – Three witnesses that were to testify in Nadheem Abdhuhrahmaan’s murder have failed to positively identify the involved suspects, while four others have opted to not testify at all after alleged threats.

In 2017, masked men entered the “Terminal Café” in Malé, and attacked Nadheem with sharp objects. He was pronounced dead shortly after and the subsequent investigation pointed the Maldives Police Service toward 4 males who have been charged with the murder of Nadheem Abdhuhrahmaan.

At the Criminal Court hearing today only 3 of the 7 witnesses testified, with 4 witnesses refusing to testify after alleged threats and tampering. While the state has decided to not use the testimonies of these 4 individuals, their original statements on the matter will be used in the trial.

Defence lawyer Nooruhsalaam Aboobakr objected to this, stating that investigative statements cannot be used for the trial without summoning witnesses, adding that none of the accusations by the state are proven by witness testimonies.

The 3 witnesses that did testify anonymously today against Mohamed Fawaz Hussain Saleem, Ali Nifaz, Hussain Shameem, Mohamed Karam Suhail, did not reveal any solid information that would lead to the conviction of these four.

The first witness said that he saw some people running into a café, but he is now doubtful of the identity of these people or even the name of the café, adding that he has forgotten the exact date or year of the incident. The suspects were then shown to the witness, who said he does not remember if any of these individuals were present in the café that day.

The second witness stated while he was standing outside of Terminal Café, 2 masked men went into the café. Shortly after, it became very loud inside, and the witness saw a chair being thrown. However, since their faces were covered, the witness wasn’t sure of their identities, but the witness is positive both masked individuals were male.

The third witness also revealed that he saw 2 masked men going into the café, adding that an attack took place inside. He said that he did not see the attack happen, and he does not know who attacked Nadheem.

Head Judge Hussain Faaiz Rashaadh stated at the end of today’s hearing that at the next hearing of this case, the defendant’s witnesses are to give their testimonies.