Defence witnesses testify at Nadheem’s Murder hearing

Nadheem Abdhuhrahmaan | Photo: Facebook

Malé, Maldives – Witnesses testify for the violent murder of Nadheem Abdul Raheem.

In 2017, masked men entered the “Terminal Café” in Malé, and attacked Nadheem with sharp objects. He was pronounced dead shortly after and the subsequent investigation pointed the Maldives Police Service toward 4 males who have been charged with the murder of Nadheem.

The four are Mohamed Karam Suhail, GA. Gemanafushi, Hussain Shameen, G. Innamaadhoo, Ali Nifaaz, L. Gan, Mohamed Mafaaz, Malé.

The prosecution is charging Mohamed Mafaaz with murder charges while the 3 others are charged with accessory to commit murder charge.

At the Criminal Court hearing today, witnesses testified for Hussain Shameen as alibis placing him elsewhere at the time of the murder. The two witnesses corroborate each others statements that the suspect Shaamin was at the Royal Restaurant at the time of the murder.

Mohamed Karam’s defence also produced a witness who was with him at the time of murder. However, the court rejected the witness stating that the witness was not listed previously in the case and Karam was recorded on CCTV camera near terminal café.

Defence lawyer Nooruhsalaam Aboobakr said that this was in favour of the defence stating that the recording puts the suspect outside at the time of the crime. He also said that the defense witness statement was not recorded before. He accused the police of not including some information and evidence when the case was sent to PG.

Prosecution witness statements were heard at the Criminal Court previously on 1 March 2021. Only 3 of the 7 witnesses testified, with 4 witnesses refusing to testify after alleged threats. While the state decided to not use the testimonies of these 4 individuals, their original statements on the matter will be used in the trial.

At today’s hearing the remand was reviewed for the suspects, with the Criminal Court deciding to keep the suspects in remand without change.