Addu City removed from monitoring status!

Aerial picture of Hithadhoo, Addu City | Photo: Ali Ibrahim

Addu City, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced that the monitoring status in which Addu City was put in had been lifted from tonight onward.

According to the directive signed by Director General of Public Health, Maimoona Abu-bakr, it stated that the monitoring status of Addu City which was imposed on February 6, 2021 were lifted as of 21:16 of March 13, 2021 as there was no reason to extend the monitoring status in the city.

HPA’s decision comes as no Covid-19 cases have been recorded in the city since March 04, 2021 and also with only 6 active cases which remain from the clusters which had been identified in Addu City before.

Addu City had recorded a total of 92 positive cases from the 4 clusters and quarantine release samples recently. Our the 92 cases 22 cases were from Hithadhoo, 35 from Hulhudhoo MTCC site, 17 from Feydhoo, 14 from Meedhoo and 4 cases from Maradhoofeydhoo.

Latest statistics released by Addu Emergency Operations Center (AEOC) revealed that while 86 people had recovered from the 92 cases, a total of 4,889 samples were taken in Addu since February 6, 2021. AEOC also had revealed that a total of 472 direct contacts had been identified from the 92 positive cases and that 207 buildings were placed under quarantine.