BREAKING: Addu City removed from monitoring status!

Aerial view of Hithadhoo, Addu City | Photo: The Times of Addu

Addu City, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) has announced today, the removal of Addu City from the list of islands under monitoring.

In the announcement made by the Director General of Public Health, Maimoona Abubakar, revealed that the city was taken off from the monitoring list effective from 15:12 onward today.

The city was placed under monitoring on May 1, 2021 after an individual was found to be positive after consulting the Hithadhoo flu clinic in Addu Equatorial Hospital and had several contacts including high risk category people. 

While monitoring status has been lifted from Addu City, there are currently 70 active cases in the city from the 474 who had tested during the monitoring period. Two people had passed away due to the virus in Addu City during the same period.