Will not allow any propaganda against Defence Force to be spread: Defence Ministry

Defense Minister Mariya and officials of MNDF during the meeting held with Foreign Minister Shahid to discuss national security | Photo: Foreign Ministry

Male’, Maldives – Defence Ministry has stated that they will not tolerate any propaganda aimed at the Defence Force to be spread.

A statement by Ministry of Defence following the recently surfaced accusations towards the MNDF officials due to the alleged ‘fake’ leaked agreement between Maldives and India, concerning Uthuruthilafalhu.

The statement released by the Defence Ministry today expressed the ministry’s concern over some of the local medias and some politicians comments regarding the MNDF generals and the ministry also stated that they have tried to hinder the dignity of the leadership of the Defence Force.

The statement also stated that the Defence Ministry will not give a chance to those people who try to spread propaganda aimed at the Defence Force, along with accusations of bribery.

The Defense Ministry also stated that the officials of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) are trustworthy people who have spent years in countless services for the country and the people of the country.

Ministry’s remarks comes after a local online news outlet had accused MNDF generals and top government officials to have accepted USD 20 million in bribes by India to favor the terms proposed by India in the UTF agreement. 

While MNDF and Defence Ministry have debunked all claims, general public have been calling out for the government to publicize the actual agreement as the allegedly ‘fake’ draft agreement had worrying terms presented by the Indian government. 

The corruption case had also been filed at ACC against Chief of Defence, Major General Abdulla Shamaal and other army generals, but the case was dropped by ACC stating that the initial verifications suggested that there was no corruption involved in the filed case. It was also reported that the filing did not specifically state that an act of corruption had taken place.