Criminal Court remands arrestees at Yoga Day violence

(L-R) Shami Rashaad Idris (30), Mohamed Zilyan (37), Mohamed Nadheem (43), Ameen Ahmed (35), Mohamed Hussain (47), Mohamed Mausoom (40) | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – The Criminal Court of Maldives on Wednesday remanded the protestors arrested for breaching police security and inflicting damage at the event held yesterday to celebrate International Yoga Day.

The Maldives Police Service published the details of the six individuals arrested during the riot and confirmed that four of the six were remanded in custody for sixty days while two were remanded for five days.

Detainees remanded for 60 days,

  • Mohamed Nadheem (43), Venus, K. Thulhusdhoo
  • Mohamed Mausoom (40), Happyside, Th. Madifushi
  • Mohamed Hussain (47), Greenhouse, HA. Thuraakunu
  • Ameen Ahmed (35), Lilypark, GDh. Rathafandhoo

Detainees remanded for 5 days,

  • Shami Rashaad Idris (30), Malé
  • Mohamed Zilyan (37), Ma. Kanuhura, Malé

Protestors stormed the international Yoga Day event held yesterday jointly by the Ministry of Youth and Indian High Commission’s Cultural Centre at the National Stadium, swinging flags printed with Islamic Shahada on a white canvass and shouting “Allah Akbar”. In a video widely circulated from the event, participants are seen fleeing from the scene while angry protestors destroyed property, and threatened and harmed participants.

Reports suggest that the event was attended by top government officials, ambassadors to the Maldives and UN diplomats.

Police are investigating the case as a serious offence while the public is criticizing the police for the sloppy security at a high-profile event. Police have since initiated an internal review while the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has extended full cooperation to all inquiries conducted by relevant authorities. The Commissioner also pledged to take corrective steps to improve police operations.

Meanwhile, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih promised that swift action will be taken against those responsible.