Police address viral video showing harassment against special needs person

Picture of a video going viral in social media where an individual was harrassed infront of Police. | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives —The Maldives Police Service address the issue of a video that went viral on social media showing that the three Police officers standing by while a man was harassed in front of them in Male’ area.

Last night a video went viral throughout the social media apps, Facebook and Twitter where it showed a group of people restraining a man while Police were present.

Several locals have raised concerns over this and has criticized the Police for not stopping the alleged harassment.

According to local news outlet “Avas”, Police stated that the incident that happened near the bus terminal near Alimas Carnival in Male’ area is of a family attempting to take a man with special needs to the hospital for care. Police informs that the video going viral in social media shows that the man was refusing the family to avoid going to the hospital.

Police stated that the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameedh has informed the Professional Standards Command to investigate whether the actions of Police during the incident was as according to procedure.

While the incident occurred, three police were present at the area – two male and one female. While the video showed that two of the man’s legs were zip tied and that he was being harassed, what caught the attention of the residents was that the Police did nothing to stop what was happening while being bystanders on the scene. After this incident, several people have been criticizing the actions of the Police.