Ungoofaaru Cluster: Kulhudhuffushi under monitoring

R. Ungoogaaru | Photo: Hussain Shifaahu

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has declared monitoring status for HDh. Kulhudhuffushi after Covid-19 positive case was recorded.

The Covid-19 positive individual was transferred Lh. Naifaru from Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital for treatment. The individual travelled to R. Ungoofaaru previously.

Kulhudhuffushi City is now under monitoring while contact tracing is underway. Hospital Manager of Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital Daood states that 70 samples have been taken from Kulhudhuffushi and monitoring status will remain depending on the results.

Lh. Atoll Hospital was shut down after a Covid-19 positive case found among staff. Naifaru is under monitoring and HPA urges individuals who travelled to Naifaru to report to health authorities.