Ungoofaaru Cluster: 2 additional islands placed under monitoring!

R. Hulhudhuffaaru | Photo: Onenews

R. Atoll, Maldives – Maduvvari and Hulhudhuffaaru of R. Atoll are placed under monitoring today in relation to the rapidly growing R. Ungoofaaru cluster.

One individual who travelled to Ungoofaaru from Maduvvari on 2 March has tested positive for Covid-19 initiating the monitoring status and contact tracing process.

Another positive cases has been recorded in Hulhudhuffaaru of an individual who travelled to Ungoofaaru on the same day.

The Local Council President of Hulhudhufaaru said that Health Protection Agency (HPA) has issued a statement placing the island under monitoring and banning travel to and from the island.

Over 100 people travelled from Hulhudhuffaaru to Ungoofaaru during the risk period and samples have been taken from all individuals to be tested. The test results are not out for all samples. Contact tracing is in progress in Hulhudhuffaaru as well.

R. Ungoofaaru was placed under monitoring on 20 March 2021 after an individual tested positive for Covid-19. The positive cases were individual working on a boat travelling between Malé and Ungoofaaru, and their close contacts.

HPA advises all individuals who travelled to R. Ungoofaaru from 2 March 2021 to inform the nearest Hospital or Health Center.

With the addition of , Maduvvari and Hulhudhuffaaru the inhabited islands under monitoring have added up to 13. The islands are N. Lhohi, R. Ungoofaaru, Lh, Naifaru, K. Huraa, K, Dhiffushi, ADh, Fenfushi, AA. Thoddoo, F. Nilandhoo, Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, Dh, Meedhoo, R. Maduvvari and R. Hulhudhuffaaru