MTCC awarded to re-develop Hithadhoo Port

CEO of MPL, Shahid Ali (L) and CEO of MTCC, Adam Azim (R) seen at the contract awarding ceremony for re-development of Hithadhoo Regional Port on April 2, 2021 | Photo: HPL

Addu City, Maldives – Re-development of Hithadhoo Regional Port (HPL) has been awarded to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

According to the details received by ‘The Times of Addu’, the port expansion project includes dredging an area of 160,000 sqm and reclamation of 8.4 hectares. In addition to this, two quay walls would also be developed. The first quay wall (Quay wall A) will be 200m long and 80m wide while the second one (Quay wall B) will be 165m long and 60m wide. In addition to this, a breakwater of 429m will also be developed within the project.

Illustration of the proposed Re-Development Project for Hithadhoo Regional Port in Addu City

In a ceremony held this morning, the CEO of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), Shahid Ali stated that the company always received complaints of the current harbor at Hithadhoo Port being not satisfactory for boats and cargo ships to use and that this project will be the solution for the current issues. Shahid also stated that the project will be completed within one and a half years and that the project will break ground within a short period.

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO of Adam Azim also gave the reassurance that the project will be completed within the given timeline. He also added that development of Maldives had taken steps back during the former administration and that everyone in the current administration knew how important its to complete the developmental projects soon.

Azim also added that this government would not start any projects without proper planning and that there are more developmental projects ongoing at present than ever before. He also added that there were projects worth over MVR 600 million being carried out in Addu City by MTCC alone at present.