Local Council Elections: 65% of eligible people have voted till now!

Election officials checking a voters list outside a Local Council Elections polling station in Addu City | Photo: The Times of Addu

Maldives – Elections Commission has revealed that 65.27% of the eligible voters have cast their vote until now.

According to the statistics released by President of Elections Commission, Ahmed Shareef (EC Shareef), 178,280 voters out of 273,182 eligible voters had cast their vote until now. This figure comes with 88,146 female voters and 90,134 male voters who had cast their votes.

While EC had predicted that 38% to 40% people would vote in this election, 65% of people voting in Local Council Elections is a record looking at the past elections.

EC Shareef had raised his concerns over the lack of voters present at some of the polling stations for the local council elections earlier this morning but more people had gone to vote in the afternoon. 

Local Council Election – Candidates details 

  • MDP – 826 candidates 
  • PPM – 647 candidates 
  • JP – 115 candidates 
  • Adhaalath Party – 28 candidates 
  • MDA – 20 candidates 
  • MRM – 15 candidates 
  • MLSDP – 4 candidates 
  • DRP – 1 candidate 
  • Independant– 609 candidates 

Elections Commission also revealed that 2,264 candidates will run for council and 1,670 candidates will run for Women’s Development Committees (WDC) in the election which is to be held on April 10, 2021.

Women’s Development Committees (WDC) election – Candidates details

  • MDP – 650 candidates
  • PPM – 499 candidates
  • JP – 46 candidates
  • Adhaalath Party – 25 candidates
  • MDA – 15 candidates
  • MRM – 4 candidates
  • Independant– 427 candidates

According to the latest statistics revealed by the Local Council Elections, while there are a total of 713 polling stations present in the atolls and in the Capital Male’ area of Maldives for Local Council Elections and Women’s Development Committee, only 518 polling stations has begun their work.