Mathiveri and Eydhafushi under monitoring!

Hospital workers in B. Eydhafushi | Photo: B. Atoll Hospital

Malé, Maldives – Multiple Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in AA. Mathiveri and B. Eydhafushi, prompting health authorities to place the islands under monitoring.

AA. Mathiveri Health Center reported that they have tested 15 people showing symptoms. The results of 10 individuals came back positive for Covid-19. Mathiveri Health Center said the COVID-19 cases were not linked to any of the tourists staying at the island’s guesthouses, hence the source of the infection have not been identified.

7 people tested positive for Covid-19 in B. Eydhafushi, including the orthopedic doctor of B. Atoll Hospital. A symptomatic women was tested positive for Covid-19 in a flu-clinic, along with a man on April 19th. B. Eydhafushi was placed under monitoring the same day.

4 direct contacts of the two initial cases also tested positive, along with the orthopedic doctor. Due to this, all the staff of the hospital were also tested for Covid-19. Most of the samples were negative while the results of the rest have not yet been released. Random samplings have also started in Eydhafushi, but none of them have turned out positive yet.

B. Atoll Hospital services are being given online, although treating emergency cases. People are not advised to go outside unless it is urgent and unavoidable.

There are currently many islands under monitoring. These include:

  • K. Huraa (22-3-21)
  • K. Dhiffushi (23-3-21)
  • Lh. Naifaru (23-3-21)
  • Lh. Felivaru (24-3-21)
  • Lh. Hinnavaru (27-03-31)
  • ADh. Maamigili (04-04-21)
  • Th. Vilifushi (05-04-21)
  • Th. Veymandoo (09-04-21)
  • Th. Kinbidhoo (11-04-21)
  • Th. Omadhoo (14-04-21)
  • Th. Gaadhifushi (14-04-21)
  • Th. Madifushi (16-04-21)
  • B. Maalhos (17-04-19)
  • AA. Bodufolhudhoo (19-04-21)
  • B. Eydhafushi (19-04-21)
  • K. Hinmafushi (19-04-21)
  • Th. Thimarafushi (19-04-21)

Maldives has 26,667 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 162 new cases on Tuesday. 23,803 people have since recovered, while 71 have died from complications. The country currently has 2,784 active cases.