Covid-19: Total 82 positive from Mathiveri

Aerial view of AA. Mathiveri island | Photo: Sun

AA. Mathiveri, Maldives – Total number of Covid-19 positive cases in the island of Mathiveri, AA. Atoll has risen to 82.

According to Mathiveri Health Center, 130 of the 150 samples taken from the island on April 22 have back out of which 63 people tested positive for the virus. With the additional 63 people, the island has recorded a total of 82 confirmed cases till date.

Including Mathiveri island, Maldives currently has 20 islands which have been placed under monitoring after cases were found within the community without the the source of spread being found.

According to Health Protection Agency (HPA), the total number of Covid-19 cases recorded in the country had reached 27,084 out of which 24,065 patients have made full recoveries, as of 18:00 of April 22, 2021 including yesterday’s 164 cases.