Faiz elected as President of newly established Police Board

Male’, Maldives —The Home Ministry has announced that Ali Faiz has been elected as the President of the newly established Police Board on Wednesday.

The Police Board was constituted by the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on April 9th, as per section 75(a) of the recently enacted Police Service Act (Law No. 34/2020).

The members of the Police Board were earlier appointed according to the new Police Law which states that two members of the Police Board has been appointed by the President, three members appointed based on education experience and the remaining two members are from the public.

The members appointed to the Police Board are:

1. Ahmed Fayaz Hassan (M. Hazaaree Villa, Male’) 
2. Aishath Noora Mohamed (H. Noomuthee, Male’)
3. Ali Faiz (M. Manaage, Male’)
4. Ahmed Nashid (Ma. Golden Moon, Male’)
5. Adam Ibrahim (G. Dimlight, Male’)
6. Hamid Abdul Ghafoor (H. Shadycorner, Male’)
7. Safa Shareef (Dhethadimaage, S. Hulhudhoo)

The new President of the Police Board, Faiz had served as Chief of Protocol at the President’s Office back in 2012, during former President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration and was also the Managing Director of Maldives Inland Fisheries Company (MIFCO).

Meanwhile, the Home Ministry revealed that Ahmed Fayaz Hassan has been elected as the Vice President of the Police Board today. Fayaz was the former Vice Chairman of Elections Commission.

Regarding the Police Board, the Police Commissioner of Maldives, Mohamed Hameed has earlier stated that establishing the Police Board is one of the biggest improvement brought to the development of the Police Service and that it was established on the request of the members in the Police Executive Management.

The approval of the Police Board is required to appoint Police members to higher ranks apart from the Police Commissioner and the Deputy Police Commissioners position. However, the Police Board will not have monitor and have a say in the regular activities of the Police.