Council salary increment passed by parliamentary committee

Parliament session in progress | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs has passed the Pay Commission’s proposal regarding salary increments to council members.

The National Pay Commission’s submission consisted of the following salaries:

  • Mayor : MVR 40,000
  • Deputy Mayor: MVR 35,000
  • City Council Member: MVR 30,000
  • Atoll Council President: MVR 28,0000
  • Ward Council President: MVR 23,000
  • Ward Council Deputy President : MVR 15,000
  • Ward Council Member: MVR 12,000

Debating on these numbers, which all are increased, Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs and Vilufushi MP Hassan Afeef noted that there is a difference of MVR 8,000 between Ward Council Presidents and Ward Council Deputy Presidents.

He stated that such a difference should be looked into, adding that he believes the difference is far too large. He proposed a deduction from the President’s salary or a further increment to the Deputy ‘s remuneration.

Other Committee members also brought up the same issue, with MP for Hanimaadhoo Constituency Abdul Gafoor Moosa said that the proposed salary for Ward Council President was too high, as Ward Council Members only receive MVR 12,000.

He further stated that Ward Council President’s receiving MVR 23,000- almost twice the salary of Ward Council Members was “unfair” and suggested that the President’s salary should be reduced to MVR 20,000.

The Committee’s spokesperson and Kinbidhoo MP Mohamed Naashiz stated that the relatively high salary of the Ward Council Presidents is because Director Generals of various offices receive around MVR 17,000, and the pay commission wanted to keep the President’s salary above this value.

The Economic Affairs Committee, despite extensive debate on Ward Council salaries, decided to pass the proposal as submitted by the Pay Committee. The bill will now be up for debate in Parliament.