India’s Covid crisis: Death toll surpasses 200,000

India Covid crisis: 2 people shares one bed due to increasing infections. Photo: Reuters

With the Covid infections increasing at an alarming rate, India’s Covid related death toll surpased 200,000 last night.

While help coming from all over the world, it is still not enough for the world’s second largest population to gain control of the virus.

People are dying waiting for beds as hospitals get piled up with patients every hour of every day. With no beds, no oxygen and only a limited number of doctors and nurses, photos and videos have emerged people dying on the roads and pavements.

Experts believe the actual number could be higher than reported. The cause in the sudden urge is believed to be a mutated variant of the Coronavirus.

However, Indian government is heavily criticized for allowing citizens to participate in religious events and voting halls without proper guidelines followed.

With over 300,000 new cases everyday for the past five days, doctors and health officials are left hopeless. India’s Covid infections rate has gone up to 5.8 million in April alone.

Other countries have started to lend their support to India. USA announced they would be sending raw materials needed for India’s AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. Britain, France, Germany also have come for India’s Aid. Saudi Arabia has shipped 80 metric tonnes of oxygen to meet the growing demand.