Exams in separate halls for students in quarantine

Students in classroom | Photo: Unicef Maldives

Malé, Maldives – Department of Public Examinations (DPE) stated that due to Covid-19, the currently quarantined students will do their O level and A Level exams in a separate hall.

DPE set this exam protocol for students who are in isolation due to testing positive for Covid-19 and students who are in quarantine, starting from this month to June 2021.

While A levels started last Monday and O level exam is to start on this Saturday, the Covid-19 status of Maldives is at a very risky stage. With the virus spreading at a fast pace in the islands and the capital city, Malé, .

The guidelines set by the DPE states that students in isolation in Malé will be brought to their respective halls by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and DPE, with the help of Education Supervision and Quality Improvement Division (ESQID). Students in quarantine will be brought to and from their exam hall by their parent, strictly following HPA guidelines. The isolated students in other islands will be brought to the exam halls by task forces in the islands.

The guidelines state that the isolated students should go back to their isolation space as soon as exam is completed.