No workers rights have been protected by this government: Opposition Coalition

Opposition coalition of PPM and PNC members. | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Opposition Coalition of the Maldives has stated that this government has failed to protect workers rights in Maldives while the world celebrates International Labor Day.

In a press statement released by the opposition coalition on the occasion of Labor Day, opposition stated that since this government came to power that workers have been in poor working environments with their rights taken and workplace harassments more than ever before.

Opposition also stated that many resort workers had been left jobless with no way to support their families and also that fishermen have not been able to sell their catches. They also stated that government had failed to provide proper wages to the medical professionals and other medical workers amid Covid-19 even though they have had to work day and night in order to keep the country safe from the pandemic.

Statement from the opposition also pointed out that such frontline workers were not given the frontline allowances properly which was promised by the government and that civil servants also do not have any guarantee that they would be able to get their salaries at the end of the month because of the poor government administration by the current people in charge.

Opposition had further added that there was no protection of employees rights in State Owned Enterprises (SOE) and that people were being terminated without any proper cause or being demoted because of political influences. Their statement also pointed out that various jobs had been given to political activists and that this was wasting the states money unnecessarily.

Opposition also highlighted that the government had not been able to fulfill its presidential pledge of setting the minimum wage in the nation and that it showed that the government had no sincerity in fulfilling its pledges in protecting workers rights.