President Solih appoints State Minister and Deputy for Health Ministry

Health Ministry, Minister of State Aishath Rasheed and Deputy Minister of State Abdul Shukoor Abdul Hakeem | Photo: The Press

Malé, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih elected Minister of State for Health and Deputy Minister of State for Ministry of Health today.

Under the Article 115(f) of the Constitution of Maldives, in which the powers and responsibilities of the president includes “to appoint, dismiss and accept the resignation of members of the Cabinet, and such officials necessary for the proper functioning of the duties of his office”, President Solih elected Aishath Rasheed as Minister of Health and Abdul Shukoor Abdul Hakeem as Deputy Minister of Health.

Minister Aishath Rasheed was the former State Minister for Gender, Family and Social Service, while Deputy State Minister Abduh Shukoor Abdul Hakeem was the former Deputy Minister of State for Gender, Family and Social Service.

Former Health Minister Abdulla Ameen resigned from the post on October 21, 2020 amid a dismissal motion. The Health Minister’s resignation came at a time when the no-confidence motion was being pursued against him at the parliament. The motion seeking to dismiss the minister was signed by 24 members of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) despite the party’s National Council deciding that the party had confidence in the minister, and after the Prosecutor General’s Office decided against raising charges on the minister in connection to a corruption scandal involving the alleged fraudulent procurement of ventilators.

Former Deputy Health Ministers Nishama Mohamed and Shiyama Mohamed were dismissed just yesterday, after paid suspension since August 17, last year due to the ventilator corruption.