Sufficient evidence will be collected to raise charges against May 6 terror attack suspects: PG

Prosecutor General Shameem speaking at a press conference. | Photo: Mihaaru.

Malé, Maldives – Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem said he is confident that sufficient evidence will be obtained to raise charges against the ones involved in the terror attack against Former President and current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on May 6th.

Speaking at the press conference yesterday, Prosecutor General Shameem said that the forthcoming steps of the investigation have been clarified from the currently obtained evidence. He said that he is confident that sufficient evidence will be obtained to raise charges against the people involved in the terror attack.

PG shameem noted that more evidence is currently required to confirm whether or not charges can be raised against the perpetrators. However, PG Shameen that the required evidence will be obtained.

PG Shameem further went on to say that the role of the Prosecutor General is to advise the police on such cases. However, he is directly involved in this particular case due to the seriousness of this case. He noted that a team is working alongside him on the case.

In addition to this, Shameem said that he is pleased over how the investigation has been carried out till know and they are trying to make sure that the current evidence can also be presented to court.

The explosion which went off around 20:20 on Thursday night left Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed injured while he was getting in to his car near his house, G. Kenereege, Malé City. In addition to him, 3 more people have also been reported to be injured from the explosion.

The bomb contained bearing balls which in order to increase the impact of the explosion. Doctors retracted 11 such projectiles from Speaker Nasheed’s body.