Major losses anticipated as Hoarafushi Airport is uninsured

Malé, Maldives – Regional Airports said that huge losses are anticipated for the airport recently developed in HA. Hoarafushi as the airport is not insured.

The Managing Director Mohamed Rizvy said while giving information to local media “Mihaaru”, that the company had not yet been insured when he was appointed to the company. He noted that efforts are being made to insure the company at the moment.

Rizvy added that the lack of insurance will result in great losses for the company. He said that the airport should have been insured when it was operationalised in the first place. He noted thay however, the airport has still not yet been insured.

As the atolls of Maldives have been facing stormy weather for the past few days, due to the tidal surges in HA. Hoarafushi submerging the runway, flights to Hoarafushi Airport were stopped.

Hoarafushi Council President Mohamed Waheed noted that from the area of the island that was not closed off with revetments, tidal surges were coming into the airport highway and runway. He added that due to the sand and coral pieces deposited on to the runway, it would not be safe to continue to operate flights.

The islanders say that before this, Hoarafushi is not prone to flooding and tidal waves. Environmental Protection Agency has said that the cause for tides crashing into the island is likely due to land modification and reclamation to build the airport.

Hoarafushi Airport, which was just opened last year on November 19, faced various damages from strong winds and heavy rain within the past 48 hours with a glass wall had falling off, along with the ceiling being destroyed.