EPA to inspect if Hoarafushi Airport is built according to EIA

Malé, Maldives — The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of Maldives to inspect whether the Hoarafushi Airport has been built according to the Environmental Inspect Assessment (EIA) report created to examine the affects the project will cause to the environment.

Due to the rough sea and heavy fall of rain in the Northern Maldives, the Hoarafushi Airport has been flooded with the runway submerged, with tidal surges in the area of the island that was not closed off with revetments along with the wave surges reaching the airport highway and runway.

While it has not been even six months since the Airport opened, flight operations have been halted due to the sand and coral pieces that came along with the tidal surges onto the highway of the airport.

Several criticism from the government was followed by this saying that the airport was built without considering the affects the island will have during severe weather conditions.

Director General of EPA, Ibrahim Naeem stated that the agency is currently inspecting on whether the Hoarafushi Airport was built on the guidelines given in the EIA report. The EIA report states that there is a threat of tidal waves from the west of the airport during southwest monsoon.

The report recommends adding long coastal protection for 3.1 kilometer, which will cover the west side of the airport as the tidal waves from the west.

We are currently checking the matter. (EIA) report states that the airport should be built in a certain way. So we have to check.

Ibrahim Naeem, Director General of EPA

Naeem stated that if the rules were violated in building the airport, then certain actions will be taken against the airport such as fining.

Buit with over MVR 211 million, the Hoarafushi Airport has faced various damages from strong winds and heavy rain within the past 48 hours which includes of a glass wall falling off, along with the ceiling being destroyed as well.

The Managing Director of the Regional Airports, Mohamed Rizvy stated that the airport has not yet been insured and that efforts are along the way to insure the airport at the earliest.