Islamic Minister bites his tongue when questioned about prostitution!

Islamic Minister of Maldives Dr. Ahmed Zahir Ali. | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Islamic Minister Dr Ahmed Zahir has remained silent when asked about the issue of prostitution in Maldives.

The opposition PPM MP Ahmed Shiyam asked three questions during the question session of the Parliament today. Minister Zahir remained silent when asked a question about why prostitution is operating on a large scale and why it is not stopped.

“There are a wide range of prostitution establishments operating in the country. Is there a role of the minister or the ministry that is not stopping them,” MP Shiyam asked.

He also asked whether the mosques are not being air-conditioned due to lack of funds and whether the Zakat Fund spent money on state expenditures.

After answering MP Shiyam’s other questions, Minister Zahir did not answer the question about prostitution.

The minister replied to Shiyam’s question on air-conditioning of mosques and whether the Zakat Fund had spent money on state expenditure. However, the minister did not respond to a question on the issue of prostitution.

Shiyam asked for another opportunity and said that the most important question he asked was whether the Islamic Ministry had a role in the problem of prostitution in Maldives.

However, Minister Zahir did not respond to that either.

The Speaker of the House, Mohammed Nasheed, also did not give the Minister the opportunity to answer the question but gave the opportunity to another member to ask a question.

Prostitution has become very common in many places opened in the name of massage parlors in Maldives. Recently, through social media, prostitutes have been advertising very openly