Palestine thanks tiny Maldives for supplying electricity to Gaza Hospital

Male’, Maldives – Palestine thanks the tiny Maldives for supporting the Palestine and for supplying the main hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa Hospital with electricity via the “Loaiybaaeku” campaign.

The hospital has been under a blockade by occupying Israeli forces. As the hospital is being used to treat those who are being injured by the ongoing airstrikes and attacks from Israel while facing continuous power cuts, the island nation has provided aid to the hospital by supplying free electricity.

So far, the International Aid Campaign (IAC) has provided 2,547 liters of fuel to the hospital along with providing USD 100 to 90 families in Palestine who were displaced due to the bombings.

Palestine sent their sincere thanks and cooperation to the people of Maldives for standing up to their brothers and sisters in Gaza during these trying times.

Over the past week, Maldives has provided multiple aid to the Palestine including medical aids, cash aids, providing food for the people in the hospital along with providing food for the families who were displaced. The “Loaiybaaeku” campaign recently provided emergency cash aid of USD100 for 90 families in Gaza.

Loaiybaaeku campaign is part of the International Aid Campaign by Maldives that provides local and international humanitarian aid.