Covid-19 testing capacity to be increased in Addu City

Mayor of Addu City Ali Nizar | Photo:

Addu City, Maldives – Mayor of Addu City Ali Nizar states the government is doing their utmost to increase the Covid-19 testing capacity of Addu City.

In the press conference kept by the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) last night, Mayor Nizar stated that the government and Health Protection Agency (HPA) are doing a lot of work to increase the Covid-19 testing capacity of Addu City by at least 500 to 800 in the upcoming days.

He added that this will make thing a lot easier and that they are also looking for two more lab technicians to expand the lab work.

Mayor Nizar noted that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had called him to find out the Covid-19 situation in Addu. He added that Vice President Faisal Naseem had also called and shared his concerns regarding the cases in Addu City.

Mayor Nizar further added that he wants what is best for the people of Addu, and that he would find a way to develop the Covid-19 related facilities and efficiency in services. He also advised the people to not do anything that might risk the spread of Covid-19, and worsen the situation in Addu City.

Currently, Addu City has a total of 159 active cases, with 47 recoveries. 5 positive patients, including 2 transported from Fuvahmulah, are also being treated in the Covid-19 facility in Addu City