First Lady Fazna speaks out in Bigey’s defense!

First Lady of Maldives Fazna Ahmed | Photo: President's Office

Malé, Maldives – First Lady Fazna Ahmed has made an entrance to the developing, and very public political drama that continues to unfold within the ruling party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), defending the MP of Ali Fushi Constituency Mohamed Rasheed (Bigey), describing him as a courageous and active leader.

In a Facebook post made by the First Lady referring to the ‘Fashaairu’ program broadcasted by local news outlet ‘Raajje TV’ where MP Bigey talked about his extensive jail time through his work in political reform, she addressed the ongoing rift between Bigey – who is also her brother-in-law- and other members of the ruling party, stating that Bigey directly addressed the issue, and did not speak in or against anyone’s favor.

Six months in a confinement made out of roofing sheets. Two Ramadans in a cell. More than five years in jail. Majority of young life in banishment and house arrest. Bigey A is actually Big Head. When [my] father passed away when [I] was little, [I] saw [my] sister’s husband as a father figure. You learn something new everyday…if you want to learn.

[He] directly addressed the issue. It was noticed that [he did not speak] in or against anyone’s favor. Stated that the timing and situation is always considered and that the interest of the nation is always prioritized in decision making.

It has been seen that Bigey is someone who speaks less, but works more, and someone who is courageous, active while possessing political experience.

Fazna Ahmed, First Lady, Maldives | Source: Facebook

First Lady Fazna’s praise towards MP Bigey comes at a time of an internal, yet very public conflict within the MDP, over the dismissal of Deputy Minister Hassan Zameel’s case from the Ethics and Privilege Committee of the Parliament – a decision made with the vote of several MDP MPs.

Accusations have arose against the MP, claiming that it was his doing and that he was the one who swayed the Members to vote in favor of ousting the case lodged by Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, to the committee.