Nation’s peace is connected with justice for Speaker Nasheed: Eva

Deputy Speaker of Maldivian Parliament and MP of North Galolhu constituency, Eva Abdulla | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives — Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Eva Abdullah has stated that the peace of the nation is directly connected with the justice for Speaker Mohmed Nasheed.

Speaking at the meeting of MDP National Council regarding the terror attack on Speaker Nasheed on May 6, Eva stated that everyone is well aware that the peace and settlement of MDP plays a major role in creating both peace and chaos in the nation.

Eva noted that there is no one who will be confused on how much the peace within MDP is connected to Speaker Nasheed’s justice.

Speaker Nasheed must receive justice as the nation’s peace is also connected to his justice.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Eva Abdullah

As advocating for justice the peace that she knows, Eva stated that if one is an MDP member, it does not matter whether they are working in the government or the Parliament, as they would all advocate for the peace of Speaker Nasheed.

Eva stated that there is no other way but to reach to the very core of the attack against Speaker Nasheed on May 6 and noted that MDP would not rest until justice is served.

The police is currently investigating the cause behind the attack on the Former President. 4 individuals have been arrested so far, all of them indicating radicalisation. The Parliamentary Committee is investigating into the security breach of the Speaker following the terror attack.