Girifushi coastal development project handed over to MTCC

Signing ceremony held between MNDF and MTCC. | Photo: MTCC

Kaafu Atoll, Maldives —Girifushi coastal development project has been handed over to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) for construction.

The ceremony was held yesterday at the MNDF headquarters, where the CEO of MTCC, Adam Azim signed the agreement on behalf of MTCC and Commandant of Service Corps of MNDF, Brigadier General Hamid Shafeeg signed on behalf of MNDF.

Under this agreement, MTCC has to make an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report within 28 days and the project should be initiated within 14 days after attaining report results.

Although the existing coastal barrier of Girifushi Training Center has seen several repair work in the past, no permanent solution was found until now. Through this agreement, MTCC will be upgrading 315 meters of coastal barriers in Girifushi.

This project is worth MVR 18.35 million and is expected to finish within 145 days according to the agreement.

A local island situated in Malé atoll, Girifushi is a primary boot camp for MNDF recruits who receive extensive military training at the island.