Emergency motion submitted to Parliament regarding 13yr old’s murder

MP Hussain Firushan, Madaveli Constituency | Photo:

Malé, Maldives – An emergency motion has been submitted at the Maldives Parliament regarding the dead body of a murdered 13 year old boy’s body found in Hulhumalé lagoon.

Proposing the emergency motion, the MP for Madaveli Constituency Hussain Firushan said that the fact that a young child being murdered is a cause for alarm. MP Firushan stated that since the child is under the care of the state, it is imperative to find if there has been any negligence of the state in this case. He stressed that the system must ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

MP Firushan also called for justice for the 13 year old.

It is despairing to see an incident similar to what is usually seen on films and documentaries about states under invasions occur in the Maldives

The MP for Madaveli Constituency also expressed disappointment in the media for portraying the minor as a gang member. He questioned how a 13 year old can be a gang member. He said that if a young child is in such a situation, the responsibility falls on the institutions and community who failed the child.

Highlighting the lack of public trust in getting justice for sex offence cases, MP Firushan said that the investigation needs to be more thorough and cases have to be prosecuted before witnesses and evidence is manipulated.

The case was accepted unanimously by 44 votes.